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While our door & window systems are custom built, there are a few general specifications we think ensure a better door & window.

  • Superior grade, maintenance free, self lubricating, squeak-free hinges
  • Simple, low-profile, removable metal stops for easy glass installation and replacement
  • Engineered with minimal sightline mullions & muntins while maintaining superior structural integrity
  • Coated with a high quality PPG epoxy primer, and PPG 2-part, catalyzed paint
  • Provided with waterproof nailing flange or through-jamb mounting holes for new construction or remodel
  • Unitized Construction - No Assembly Required
  • Options for double pane IG prep or single pane glass prep

Technical Drawings


Slimline Frenchdoor 3

Slimline French Door

Slimline Singledoor 3

Slimline Single Door

Slimline Door Plan Views 3

Slimline Plan Sections

Glass Install Information

Rehme SlimLine products are designed to receive standard 5/8” insulated glass (IG) units, but can receive up to 1” IGs as well. Our assemblies utilize a removable aluminum stop that is fabricated into a four-sided glazing ring that trims out the IG unit. These IG units and metal stops are field glazed by local professionals. Our steel assemblies glaze from the exterior with a triangular stop, and there are no mechanical fasteners required to secure the glass or stop. Everything is held in place with structural silicone. This super simple glazing method is superior because it allows for very easy IG unit installation and replacement. In the event a window is damaged, any local glass professional can cut out the removable stop, then re-silicone the new IG unit and removable stop.

Some other steel window and door systems require screws and/or clips, which glazers don't like because the clips often break and the screws often get lost or cross-threaded. Some other steel window and door systems that are putty glazed require a VERY skilled professional with specialized tools and equipment to repair the damaged window unit. Putty glazing in the field is an art, and it is difficult to find local professionals with the skills to make the replacement putty-glazed window look exactly like the adjacent putty-glazed windows; especially if you need it done quickly.

Often our customers wish to match the glass in their Rehme steel assemblies with the glass in the rest of their home. Because the Rehme system is locally field glazed by your glass professional, you can select the glass that works best for your home, instead of being stuck with the manufacturer supplied glass. Working with your local glass professional, you can choose the right color, Low-E coating, thermal and UV performance, spacer color and material, etc. for your home.


Slimline Glassdetail 1

SlimLine Glazing Detail